its official.
i am married!
so goodbye
its been fun.
follow us 


The day  has come ladies and gents,
im going to attempt to start a new blog..
a marriage blog!

it wont be up for a little bit ( i think)
but if anyone is at all intrigued by our future you are more than welcome to keep reading.
i promise to do better
to learn more about how to blog
make it more exciting to look at and read.

i love you all and i look forward to writing soon



Over the last year i have learned what love really is.
i have also learned what it isnt.

love is driving 40 miles when you want 
to see the person.
love is watching endless amounts
of boy movie and tv
love is staying up way past your bed
time so you can spend and extra hour together.
love is trying to learn to play poker
...many times
love is trying to learn to drive 
a stick shift.
love is fighting at all hours of the night
because you want them to still be there tomorrow.
love is questionable.
love is trying.
love is the hardest thing i have
ever been through.
love is being brave.
love is forgiving.
breath taking.

love is the best thing that ever happened to me.

love isnt about the money.
the flowers.
the physical appearance
the dates you go on
or the car they drive.

love is all about knowing that you cant wait to see that person .
getting butterflies when you think about them.
that incredible feeling when you know that they are the one that you 
want to spend the rest of your eternal life with.
when the thought of them leaving makes you ill.

i know that i would go to the ends of the earth for my love
and that is all that i need. 
i have the best life ahead of me and i cant wait to live
every minute of it with him. 


i am one of the worst bloggers EVER.

i just never had anything exciting to write about after i left college. now that i have more to write about, i have no time!

but my wedding planning has started to slow down which is a big relief.

so here is to doing better (hopefully)

let me share some of my favorite things as of late.

such a catchy song, its always stuck in my head.

if you are looking for a good new watch, i highly recommend the Following.
its got a great story, suspense, drama and a whole lot of crazy and gore. its PERFECT. (its on mondays)

this little lady has been kicking my trash!! just sweating for that dress

just a few things that dont have pictures.
i got a new job as a special ed aid at ATEC
i absolutely LOVE it. its so good to do what you love and get paid.

im going to be taking some online classes this summer
im so nervous to be going back to school.

lastly..... only 2 more months till the wedding!!
we are so excited i cant even contain my excitement!

i will try to do better.
and also, im going to start a marriage blog once i am an Olsen.
hopefully we will have some exciting things to write about.
love you all.
thanks for still reading
(i hope)


well i thought that i should probably write about it since i have been talking about it for ever! so yes if you havent heard i am now engaged to charles. and i am so excited!!

here is the story.

well saturday (December 1st) we were talking about the future like we always so and i was going on and on about how i just wished that it could happen soon, and he told me that financially we just werent ready and we needed to just be patient and i just cried and cried and cried oh it was not pretty at all.

then on monday (December 3rd) i was at work and we were suppose to be going to the movies after. i was working the drive up and i heard Kaylie "Sha, Charles wants to say hi" so i turn around to wave and i see Sid (his little sister) with her phone out and my heart jumped! i whipped around and i knew something was up so i hurry and helped the member at the drive and came around to the front. he asked if he could get a hug, so as calmly as i possibly could i went to walk out to the lobby and before i could make it 2 steps out the door there he was. he handed me a check and told me he needed me to deposit it for him. i looked down and it read "will you marry me" and he was on one knee, ring in hand and i just cried! here was the man that i love with all my heart and soul and it was FINALLY happening!!

he later told me the details and i guess he had it all planned for about a week and so when i was bawling about having to wait he was just wanting to spill the beans and tell me that everything was going to be ok in just a couple days.  im so glad he didnt spoil the surprise.



i am so grateful for the life that i have,
it isnt perfect all the time, and sometimes i just want to scream and just walk away from it all but i know that i have it good and i need to be more happy and thankful for it all.

im lucky to have..

my unbelievable family that have shaped me into the woman that i am here today.
my loving boyfriend who deals with me even on my days when i am ungrateful and just not so perfect,
my job, even though this is probably the biggest challenge, without it i would be no where near where i am today so it does indeed deserve a bit of thanks.
i am also very thankful to my past, friends that i thought would always be there for me but instead taught me that the world is not always generous and how to learn when to trust and that i need to be more careful with my heart and also to learn how to forgive.

i have grown so much as a person (i feel anyways) i don't feel like a high school teeny bopper anymore, my life has purpose and its going somewhere important. i have people who motivate me and help me see what i can become.

every day i get up see that i am settling more and more in to myself and i can see the progress in myself, which has been the hardest thing for me was trying to figure out who i REALLY am. some days i do feel totally alone because i dont have the privilege of being with Charles every day, but soon that will change. when that does happen, i will be the happiest girl in the whole world and then my life will really start to change and i cannot wait!

i love life and im trying to embrace it more, but im grateful for those who give me the support on my bad days.

what are you thankful for??


well after taking a much needed day off of work to prepare me for next week, i can conclude that it only made me want to procrastinate further.

dont get me wrong my job actually has grown on me and i am now use to grouchy people taking their financial  frustrations out on me. but i am just so ready to start my life with my Charles. like i can not even handle it people!!

Note: things are going to get mushy... probably for a while because i have decided to start writing in hopes that it will help me stay more sain.

back to the mush. i sit all day and just think about my ring (yes we have picked it out) and how badly i wish it was on my finger. at work i practice signing my name like im a love struck school girl. (ShaLee Olsen just looks so great) i didnt really imagine that i would be like this,, hard to explain. i always imagined when i would fall in love we would be engaged and married and have no problems. i see girls my age getting married and i think "wow they got it so easy" but im sure im not the only person out there in this predicament. no i am not bagging on Charles at all, if he could propose tonight he would, but we just have a few things that have to be in place before we can make any definite plans.

so im just waiting.....

not very patiently.

im trying to be better because i know that he gets annoyed with my constant nagging about the future.

he is doing his best and he is absolutely amazing for it, i couldn't ask for a better guy. i love him so much i just cant wait for the day that we get to say i do. everyone cross their fingers (and toes)